Coverage of treatment costs

You can choose a convenient insurance option and set the total sum insured for coverage of treatment costs, even up to EUR 100,000.

Immediate Assistance

Europ Assistance Emergency Centre is at Your disposal 24/7/365. Our consultants will provide assistance to you anywhere in the world.

Insurance of luggage, flight cancellation and delay

The insurance covers the costs of lost luggage up to EUR 500, flight delay: purchase of essentials up to EUR 250 and accommodation costs up to EUR 1,000.

Possibility to insure your loved ones

If you are the holder of the primary Citibank Credit Card or Citibank Personal Account, you can insure both yourself and your family and friends.

Possibility to choose on of 4 variants

  • Economic, recommended for short-distance travel (€15.000)
  • For prudent customers (€30.000)
  • For demanding customers (€50.000)
  • Ideal for exotic trips (€100.000)

The package which you selected can be additionally extended to include non-professional winter or water sports, mountain hiking or climbing and non-professional diving.


You need help but cannot precisely specify your location?

Thanks to a free of charge geolocation service this will not be a problem anymore!
Clicking on a link sent to you via SMS is all it takes to precisely determine your location and arrange assistance (data transfer charges as per the fees of your phone operator).


  • Insurance coverage is provided by Europ Assistance S.A. For more information on providing the insurance coverage, please read the General Terms and Conditions of "The World without Borders" Insurance and "The World without Borders" travel insurance product sheet available below in the "Important Documents" section. The Bank acts as insurance agent, performing agency activities for Europ Assistance S.A., entered under number 11120807/A in the register of insurance agents maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
  • The Customer may verify the Bank's entry in that register by submitting the relevant request to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, in particular in written form or by telephone. The Bank represents numerous Insurers – detailed information is available at the Bank upon the Customer's request.
  • The range of Bank’s duties includes, in particular, providing information to the Policyholders on the terms and conditions for insurance and on the terms under which insurance contract is concluded. The Bank, during the processes of sale and handling of protective insurance, follows the principles set out in the "Recommended best practices in the Polish bancassurance market for unit-linked insurance products" issued by the Polish Bank Association.


  • The Insurer shall not be liable for losses occurring in the territory of Poland, in the country of residence and in the country of which the Insured is a citizen.
  • The liability of the Insurer is limited, e.g. the Insurer shall not be liable for losses which arose through intentional or grossly negligent acts of the Insured.
  • For the full list of the Insurer's liability exclusions, please read the General Terms and Conditions of "The World without Borders" Insurance as of the day of signing the Insurance Contract (hereinafter "GTC"). The Customer should read the GTC before signing the Insurance Contract.


In the case of an event covered by the scope of insurance, please contact the 24/7 Europ Assistance Emergency Center at the following number: +48 22 205 50 55 (opłata według aktualnej taryfy operatora).

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