Now useful tips, recommendations and more on how to stay safe online available every month on the Citi Handlowy blog. Check it out here.

Safe Online Banking Quiz

When using online banking do you always make sure that the page you are visiting is legitimate and your connection is secure? Do you know what you should pay attention to when logging into a transactional platform? Take our interactive quiz and check your safe online banking knowledge. Enjoy!

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Two Way Citi Security SMS Service

We will warn you by SMS of any suspicious activity on your account. The service is available for the debit and credit card holders. SMS will be sent from +48 607 521 371and except for replying “1” or “2”, we will not be asking you for any other information, including your personal or card details, or any software installation.

Bezpieczne OnlineBanking z Citi Handlowy

Safe and confidential payments with Apple Pay

When shopping, Apple Pay uses a number assigned to a particular device and a unique transaction code. A full card number in never stored on a device or on Apple servers and cannot be shared with vendors. Apple Pay does not store transaction details that could be linked to your identity, so you make all of your shopping in complete confidentiality.

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Google Pay Service

Citi Handlowy has joined the list of institutions that support Google Pay. Google Pay has been designed with your convenience and safety in mind. It offers a number of security features that will help you find peace of mind.

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Masterpass™ Digital Wallet

Masterpass digital wallet enables you to quickly pay for your online shopping. Simply store your payment and shipping information in the digital wallet for fast and secure online checkout experience. The number of your debit/credit card, its expiry date and CVC2/CVV2 is provided only once during the Masterpass registration, which minimizes the fraud risk.

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Safe OnlineBanking with Citi Handlowy

Safe Banking Updates

Check important security updates and learn 8 tips on how to stay safe while banking online.

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Secure Banking with Citi Handlowy

Citi Handlowy Alerts

Stay one step ahead of potential threats and learn how you can avoid them. Find out how to make sure whether an email or SMS received as coming from Citi Handlowy is legitimate.

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Secure OnlineBanking with Citi Handlowy

How Citi Handlowy Protects You

Learn how we provide you with safe banking experience at each stage of your interaction with us.

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Digital Banking Security with Citi Handlowy

How You Can Safeguard Yourself

Safety of your funds is in your hands, too! Learn about the ways of keeping safe while banking online or mobile and find out how you can protect your device.

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Bank Security with Citi Handlowy

More about Safe Banking

Learn more about how to stay safe when banking online or mobile at each stage of interacting with us.

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Have you spotted a suspicious behavior? Got a security concern? Call us: (+48) 22 692 2484

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