Investment Account Opening

You can open an investment account with DMBH and place orders to purchase or sell securities in a number of our Order Acceptance Points located in our branches. You can also use our CitiPhone service or DMBH online system.
For the addresses of the Order Acceptance Points, please click here.

Account Automatic Credit

You can automatically credit your investment account from your current account and automatically transfer any excess funds from your investment account to your current account. This way, you can place orders to purchase securities with the use of your current account funds held with Citi.

Online services

You can also manage your DMBK investment account using the e-Promak online system which:

gives you access to share prices online;
enables you to place orders to WSE and BondSpot and track the order realization process;
gives you access to information on your investment account balance, its advantages together with valuation, stock exchange transactions and full account history;
enables you to open stock prices charts and make advanced technical analyses online.

Citi Handlowy has been entered into the register of investment company agents maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and acts as an agent of DMBH investment company.

Citi Handlowy carries out brokerage activity to the extent of accepting and transferring the orders to buy or sell securities based on the license of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority DFL/4040/18/I/11/1/2007/26 of 13 November 2007.


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