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Holiday of a lifetime

  • Depending on your creditworthiness, you may get even up to PLN 50,000 of an additional limit on your credit card.
  • You will repay the loan in equal monthly installments under the “Comfort” Installment Plan (between 12 and 60 installments).
  • You select both the number of installments and their amount.
  • Installments are shown on your credit card statement and included in the required minimum payment amount.
  • Installments do not limit the possibility to enjoy the interest-free period on your card. Interest is only charged on the borrowed amount and you may repay the other transactions in their entirety without any interest being charged on them.
  • You may repay the entire amount earlier at any time.

  • Variable interest at 20.5% per annum.
  • Interest is calculated on the declining balance of the outstanding principal amount.
  • Depending on the offer currently in force, the bank can charge a commission for the opening of your “Comfort” Installment Plan and a monthly operating fee.

To check your offer, log in to Citibank Online

How to use it?

Log in to Citibank Online

Step 1) Check if the offer is available to you in the Loans section
Step 2) Click on the banner with the offer
Step 3) Click on „Order a call” – Your application will be automatically forwarded to our consultant.
Step 4) Bank consultant will call back to you and help you submit the application on the line.
Step 5) After a positive credit decision funds will be transferred to the indicated account.

Loan to Card (Additional Credit Limit / Loan to Card) - a one-time increase of the Credit Limit, made available in Polish zlotys (PLN) in the form of a domestic transfer order in PLN or an internal transfer order in PLN, and spread out into installments under the "Comfort installment plan" ”, Repaid in accordance with the Agreement and § 9 sec. 4 of the Regulations, agreed by the Bank individually with the Client by way of an Understanding.

Acceptance or refusal of your loan application is subject to your credit check by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
The material is for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article. 66 of the Civil Code.


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