Investment Products with Citi Handlowy

Investment Funds

Our comprehensive offer of investment funds was developed applying some of the world’s best asset management standards. Our offer gives you access to local and foreign funds of the most prestigious investment fund companies.

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Bank Investment - Citibank Handlowy

Brokerage Services

As part of the offers of the Brokerage Office, Clients have access to a comprehensive offer of capital market products and services.

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Investment Products

Unlimited investing possibilities

This type of investment offers a pre-determined interest rate and a wide variety of government and corporate bonds. This enables you to build a portfolio adjusted to your specific needs.

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Details about Investment Products
Structured Notes

Investing in different classes of assets with different risk level and yield rate

Structured Notes are debt securities which offer a rate of return linked to the performance of an individual market index or basket of indices. Through Structured Notes you can diverse your investment portfolio by choosing a strategy linked to stock, commodities, monetary or FX markets.

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Dual Currency Investments

This is a reason why you should invest in currencies

If you have assets in foreign currencies and are ready to accept currency risk in exchange for potential high returns, learn more about Dual-Currency Investment.

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New MiFID II Regulation

Full Protection When Making Investment Decisions

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