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Autoryzacja operacji

What is Mobile Authorization?

It is a method of confirming your online transactions as an alternative to entering SMS codes.

With Mobile Authorization you can approve:

  • online card payments, e.g. for purchases in online stores,
  • operations ordered in Citibank® Online Electronic Banking, e.g. wire transfers,
  • operations in the Citibank Mobile® app.

In order to use Mobile Authorization, it is necessary to have the Citi Mobile® app.

How to enable Mobile Authorization?

Answer these 2 simple questions and we will find the fastest way to activate this service for you.

Already have the Citi Mobile app?
Already using Citibank Online?
Already have a 6-digit Citi Mobile Token PIN?

Already have Mobile Authorization enabled?
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How does Mobile Authorization work?

Find out how to approve transactions using Mobile Authorization:

Paying for online purchases with your card

Ordering an operation via Citibank Online

Ordering an operation via the Citi Mobile app

Haven't received a notification from the Citi Mobile® application?

Click on the Citi Mobile Token icon on the login screen in the app - the application will trigger the pending authorization.

Still not using
the Citi Mobile app?

Install the application on your phone to start using Mobile Authorization.

Find the app in your phone's dedicated store by typing Citi Mobile or click on the appropriate button on your phone:

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Learn more about the Citi Mobile app >

Frequently asked questions about enabling Mobile Authorization:

The most common questions about using Mobile Authorization:

Other questions:

The PSD 2 Directive (Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market) is an EU directive implemented under the Payment Services Act which, among other things, introduces a requirement for banks to use so-called strong customer authentication (SCA) for some operations and transactions.