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Privacy policy and cookies policy

Welcome to the website of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. operating under the Citi Handlowy brand (“the Bank”).

In this section you will learn the Bank’s terms of processing all the data which may be provided to us by the User while using the website.

If while using the website the User provides us with information concerning their personal data (such as correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers or other identifying information), such data shall not be disclosed (either for common use, sales or our contacts) to any external organization, unless the User has authorized us to do so or unless we are legally obliged to disclose such data. Such information, along with the scope of the Client’s business and their transactions is processed in compliance with the security and confidentiality rules applicable at our Bank.


Our services use cookie files (“cookies”). Cookies are files that contain various information which is saved on your browser when you visit a website, including websites of our Bank.

We use them to ensure the top quality of services you can use, to adjust our website to your preferences and to offer you products and services that meet your needs.

“Cookies” are used to remember the preferences of the User or to conduct marketing campaigns, but also to secure websites. Some functionalities available on the websites of the Bank will not work if the User does not accept cookies (for example it will be impossible to send some contact forms).

What type of cookies do we use?

Cookies are categorized and divided into the following groups:

  • Functionality cookies This type of cookies has to be accepted to allow you to use the website in a secure and proper manner, for example, to log in or fill in a form. You can block the possibility of saving cookies directly in your browser; however, this could hinder proper operation of the website functions or make it impossible.
  • Preference cookies These cookies remember your preferences regarding language, place of residence or segment, etc., to facilitate navigating the website.
  • Analytics cookies These cookies help us understand how users use our website and introduce solutions aimed at improving our website.
  • Marketing cookiesThese cookies allow us to provide you with profiled marketing information and tailor the ads shown to you to your needs. If you disable these cookies, you may be shown ads that are not tailored to your needs.

Cookies used on the websites of the Bank store only those personal data that are used to log in electronic banking users, in connection with the function “remember my User ID.” Such a file is classified as a preference file and is not a so-called tracking cookie. Such file is only accessible to Bank Handlowy and is not made available to any other parties (so called third-party cookie).

How can I refuse (or withdraw) my consent to the installment of cookies?

Your consent to the use of cookies is purely voluntary. You can manage cookie settings in your browser or on this website and withdraw your consent to use them at any time.

If you want to modify your cookie settings, you will find the “Change cookie settings” in the bottom section of the website. It will enable you to modify previously selected categories of cookies divided into the above-described groups.

You can also block the "cookies” entirely. Unfortunately, in this case you will not be able to use our services (in their entirety or certain functions).

If you want to change the cookie settings, please read the relevant user support section of your browser:

The above browsers have been presented as examples. Due to the high variety of browsers used, there may be certain differences in adjusting the settings in such a way which would disable the installation of cookies. Usually the information about cookies can be found in the “Tools” or “Options” menu. Detailed information can usually be found on the webpage of the developer of a given browser.

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