What to do when you have been scammed.

Below please find basic information and the first steps to take if you have fallen victim to online fraud.

  1. Report the incident via the hotline. We will block access to your accounts and your cards to prevent the criminal’s access to them.

  2. When reporting the incident, tell us exactly what happened.

  3. If possible, we will stop the execution of the transfer. It is not technically possible to stop charges on your card, but we will accept a chargeback request from you.

  4. If the transfer has already been executed, we will try to stop it at the target bank. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the funds will still be available on an account at a different bank.

  5. Your devices (computer, phone) could bear traces of criminal activity. The police will tell you how to secure the device. You should not use it for other transactions.

  6. When reporting the incident to the Police, you will need the following information:

    • who you are (your contact details),
    • what you did and when (e.g. on day x I purchased item y on platform z – preferably with proof in the form of a screengrab, received email confirming the order etc.),
    • when you made the payment and how (with proof in the form of transaction confirmation, it can be printed out from your bank’s website),
    • why you think you have been scammed (no contact with the seller, exceeded delivery time, no information about the number of the bill of lading),
    • and all the proof you have (correspondence with the seller, emails, SMS messages, screengrabs etc.).
  7. If the officer accepting the report seems confused as to what they should do, ask them to contact the police coordinator for cybercrime.

More about safety

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