Bank safe with Citi Handlowy

Safety is a priority for you. At Citi Handlowy we understand this perfectly. That is why we provide you with a number of solutions that will allow you to make transactions, pay for purchases or open a new product safely - without even leaving your home!

Make contactless card payments without contacting the terminal - up to PLN 100.
Pay with what you always have with you - by phone.
Make online transactions - without visiting the branch.
Order transactions straight from your phone - in the application.
Pay for online purchases with a card or a quick transfer.
Apply for a credit card fully online.
Open an account remotely without visiting the facility.
Avoid contact with cash. Pay by card in the store.
Take a loan without leaving your home.

We would like to remind you how the bank is always at your disposal.

Bank from home

You can do most things without leaving your home or visiting the facility.
Our Citibank Online online banking is available 24/7. With Citibank Online and Citi Mobile you can quickly and conveniently carry out ongoing banking operations.

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Credit support

At this particular time, you may need more time to repay the loan or simply extra cash. That is why we offer you:

How we operate

Because we take special care of the health and safety of our clients and employees, we recommend that banking formalities be handled using remote channels. See how our other service channels work:

Shop online


Shopping without leaving your home? Of course! Pay securely with a credit or debit card. All our cards have the functionality of paying via the Internet. And additionally, your transactions are secured with 3D-secure technology.

Find out how to use card online

On the debit card, you must activate the online payment option in Citibank Online. You can also change transaction limits for online payments with credit and debit cards online.

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You can also securely pay for purchases with a quick transfer by selecting the option 'I pay with Citi Handlowy'. Now, as a source of funds, you can choose not only a personal account, but also a credit card. Of course, without fees.

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Visit to the store

If you need to go to the store, keep maximum security, including paying for purchases:

Pay with a card instead of cash

Pay for your essential purchases with a credit or debit card - more convenient, safer, no cash in hand.

Check more reasons to pay with Citi card - discover over 300 special offers in the Citi Specials Benefits Program.

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Pay contactless

When paying with a credit or debit card, remember about the possibility of contactless payments. Do not release the card from your hand, and for transactions up to PLN 100 you do not have to key in a PIN at the terminal.

We hereby inform that as of 21 March 2020 you can make contactless payments with all payment cards of Citi Handlowy up to the amount of PLN 100 without the need to enter your PIN code (previously PLN 50) at POS terminals adjusted to the change of limit.

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Pay with your phone

You can safely pay for your purchases with what you always have with you - with your phone. Add a Mastercard credit and debit card to the Google Pay app or add a card to Apple Pay and pay more securely - without cash - and more conveniently.

Check more for iOS operating system
Check more for Android operating system

Fraud warning

Polish Police Headquarters and – BCC (Bank Cybersecurity Center) of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) warn against fraudulent announcements concerning, e.g., a need to pay for a vaccine against the COVID-19 coronavirus or NBP’s seizure of clients’ funds deposited with banks as the so-called national reserves of NBP (National Bank of Poland).
We warn you against fraudulent information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemics encouraging the bank clients to perform financial transactions. This warning is aimed at the clients of all Polish banks.
If you suspect that you have been a victim of online fraud, report it immediately to your bank, the nearest Police unit, and then to the Incident Response Team CERT.PL (available here: The above-mentioned institutions will provide you with information on the next steps/actions.

Remember! Citi never asks in e-mail / SMS messages about:

  • providing confidential data, including: one-off SMS authorization codes, payment card data, card PIN, phone data (e.g. number, brand, model of your camera),
  • installing / updating software or security certificates on your computer / phone.

More useful information on secure banking can be found on our website: here


Current information about COVID-19 can also be found here: