Enjoy a maintenance fee-free Savings Account

You pay no account maintenance fee if you are personal account owner.

Deposit and withdraw cash easily

You can deposit and withdraw money any time without loss of interest.

Start saving from the first 1 PLN

You start saving from the first 1 zloty paid into the account and the interest accruals are automatically added to the principal.

Online access to your savings

You have 24/7 access to your money thanks to Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service, Citi Mobile app for smartphones.

First cash withdrawal and funds Transfer Order free of charge

The first cash withdrawal, internal funds Transfer Order in any currency, and domestic funds Transfer Order in PLN each month is free of charge. Otherwise, a fee according to the Banking Fees and Charges Table shall apply.

Your savings are safe

Your savings are safe with us thanks to the guarantee provided by the Bank’s Guarantee Fund.


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Savings Account

If you are a Citi Handlowy personal account holder, you can open your Savings Account.

In Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service

  • Log in To Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service
  • Go to the Transfers section - Accounts
  • Open an account that you selected

Your account will be activated immediately.

Over the phone

If you have a Personal Account with us you can open the Savings Account on the phone.

To arrange a call with our Advisor, please click the link below and fill out the form. Arrange a call with Advisor

Time deposits and savings accounts are available only to Citi Handlowy Personal Account holders. Aren’t you a Citi Handlowy account client yet? Check out our offer and choose the account that best fits your needs.

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