Distributor Finance

Distributor Finance

Optimizing financial liquidity

Distributor Finance

Optimizing financial liquidity

Distributor Finance is a product dedicated to entities who want to manage their receivables in an efficient way, optimize their liquidity and improve cooperation with their contractors.

The most important features of the product

  • Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., operating under the Citi Handlowy brand, provides targeted financing to your trade partners for purchase of goods or services from your company.
  • This eliminates, both on your side and on the side of your recipients, the liquidity gap resulting from the difference between the term of the trade credit you have granted and the actual date of payment by their end customers.
  • With this product, the payment for a trade transaction on the invoice payment date is assured.
  • It is you who initiates financing by sending to Citi Handlowy, on behalf of your recipient, on an agreed date, prior to the invoice payment date, an electronic request containing invoices to be financed.
  • On the invoice payment date, the amount specified in the request will be credited to your account.

Are you interested in our offer?

Please contact your Relationship Manager. Detailed information can be also obtained from:

Agnieszka Malik-Śmiech
+48 (22) 657 73 94
+48 (22) 692 21 32

The cost of the call depends on your local service provider.


The Distributor Finance Program is beneficial both to sellers and buyers in trade transactions.

Your benefits (as supplier):
  • improved liquidity thanks to earlier receipt of payment
  • possibility to create a loyalty program for trade partners
  • strengthened market position
Benefits of your buyers:
  • easy and fast access to financing
  • efficient and effective process to make payments for purchases
  • possibility to increase purchases

Additional information

The detailed requirements, the terms and conditions of the product and the risks it may generate will be presented to you at the sales stage.