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Citi Payment Outlier Detection

Citi Payment Outlier Detection

Citi Payment Outlier Detection

In today’s complex payment landscape, clients face challenges in processing their payments. Alongside growth in payment volumes and real-time payments, this challenge is expected to increase, which can lead to execution errors. To help clients address these challenges, Citi has developed Citi® Payment Outlier Detection – a sophisticated analytics tool that helps identify transactions that stand out significantly from past trends.

What is Citi Payment Outlier Detection?

This is a new, intelligent Payment Review Tool that enables monitoring of outgoing payments. It uses advanced analytics, algorithms and machine learning to deliver real-time monitoring and control and detect payments that don’t conform to traditional payment behavior, known as outliers. It generates alerts for the designated user, who can verify and then approve or reject these “unusual payments” in CitiDirect BE®. The system is constantly retraining itself based on new data and client responses.

What will you gain?

  • Greater visibility of payment flows
  • Enhanced control and monitoring of payments
  • Reduction of potential errors and subsequent losses
  • A unique customer profile to identify past payment behavior patterns

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