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Cash operations - deposits

Cash operations - deposits

Effective cash management solutions

Cash operations - deposits

Effective cash management solutions

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., operating under the Citi Handlowy brand, closely cooperates with and supports its Clients by offering effective cash management solutions. They make the cash depositing process more convenient and simpler.

The most important features of the product

Clients may deposit cash as:

  • open cash deposits, i.e. regular cash deposits counted in the presence of the depositor, can be made via:
    • Polish Mail – at any post office, in its opening hours, throughout Poland (a cash services agreement is required)
    • branches of the Bank – at any corporate branch of the Bank, in its teller’s desk opening hours, throughout Poland
  • closed cash deposits, i.e. deposits delivered as cash packages prepared by the Client (safe envelopes) in order to ensure fast, effective and convenient deposits and delivery of cash to operating accounts via:
    • Cash Operations Centers (COC)
    • Automated Deposit Machines (ADMs)
    • Polish Mail

      Funds are posted in your company account not later than on the next business day after payment.

    • The Bank is responsible for control and ongoing monitoring of flows of cash deposits.
    • No minimum or maximum deposit amount.
    • Automatic notifications of deposits made in the current account – reports are sent to an email address and at intervals defined by the Client.

    Closed cash deposits require a cash services agreement.

Additional information

Closed cash deposits – deposit confirmation

A closed cash deposit needs to be delivered to the Bank together with a Bank Deposit Confirmation (BDC):

a) regular paper BDC which is recorded manually by the Bank


electronic BDC (eBDC), which is recorded automatically by scanning the QR code

  • eBDCs enable the Bank to eliminate cash accounting errors (payment details, account number)
  • details included in the QR code are provided in the statement sent to the Client

The Bank delivers to the Client the eBDC which is used to input payment details electronically in the deposit confirmation. Next, the Client prints the confirmation with the QR code which enables the Bank to make automatic entries in the Client’s account.

Closed cash deposits – additional solutions

SpeedCash - – cash deposits can be connected with a product that enables easy allocation of payments and receivables - SpeedCollect

  • Virtual accounts enable creation of electronic reports on cash deposits
  • Automated inflows reconciliation process – cooperating with the most popular financial and accounting systems
  • Delays in cash deposit reconciliations are eliminated to ensure more effective cash management

Cash operations - deposits

El-Do – electronic downloads and transfers of documentation via CitiDirect (electronic banking system) – flows of paper documents are eliminated (e.g. convoy lists, cash delivery requests)

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