How to use your Credit Card?

Learn how your credit card works and how to use it best.

Use the convenient, credit card limit that is interest-free up to 56 days.
Build a positive credit card history paying in full your credit card balance indicated on your statement.
Pay no fee for non-cash transactions.
Repay your minimum amount each month.

Enhanced Security of Your Transactions

Learn about the solutions that enhance the security of your credit card transactions.

3D Secure

Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure code – additional security for your online transactions. In order to authenticate your online purchases, you will be asked to enter the code that will be sent to your mobile phone.

EMV chip

Citibank Credit Cards are microchip embedded cards. Your transactions at merchants are authorized by entering your unique PIN.


CitiAlerts help you stay in full control of your accounts thanks to SMS or e-mail updates.

Additional Protection

Insurance for credit card holders in unexpected life situations related to travel and shopping


If you paid with your credit card for the service that was not delivered (e.g. a trip), you can report this fact to us and we can initiate the chargeback proceedings on your behalf.

Suspicious Transactions

Suspicious transaction system – created and applied only by the Bank protects against unauthorized use of your card.

Basic security tips

Remember about basic security tips.

Do not disclose your card numbers and PINs to anybody. Your PINs should always be memorized and not recorded/written anywhere.
Do not store your passwords in files saved on your computer.
Do not keep your PIN, E-PIN or CitiPhone PIN together with your card number.
Do not reveal the information stated on your credit card such as its expiry date and the last 3 digits of the credit card number.
When using SMS service, always make sure that the last digits of the beneficiary’s account number correspond to the account number stated in the activating SMS.
Before you start using your PIN, E- PIN or CitiPhone PIN, make sure that nobody has accessed them before.
Use strong passwords and PINS (e.g. never use your birthday date for your password).
Compare our cards using our Credit Card Comparison Tool and see which credit card matches your needs best. More.

For your greater convenience, we have prepared a quick guide to using your credit card in Citibank Online. Check it out now

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