Credit Cards

Credit card is the most popular form of credit. Unlike the cash loan, it lets you use the funds in any amount up to your credit limit, at any time.

Credit Card

Credit Card is a payment card issued when you have been granted a credit limit by the card’s issuer. The transactions made by the card holder are settled within the granted credit limit. Credit cards may entail annual and/or monthly fees. Please find out more about the Citibank Credit Card offer.

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Supplementary Card

Supplementary Card for your closest ones is issued additionally to your primary Credit Card and enables your loved ones enjoy all the benefits that come with your card. It is also issued for children aged 13-18. The Supplementary Card holder uses the credit limit granted for the primary Credit Card. All the transactions made using the Supplementary Card will be listed on your statement.

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Pay Pass Sticker

It is a form of Citibank credit card with the contactless payment feature. The Pay Pass sticker has all the features that come with the standard credit card. It lets you make quick and convenient purchases at merchants accepting this type of payments.

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Installment Payment Programs

With the needs of our customers in mind, we have launched a few different installment payment programs that are built on the credit card holder’s credit history.


Whenever you are in need, you can apply for cash additionally to your credit card limit and the money can be available in your account even on the same day: up to PLN 50,000, with no formalities and repayment in equal installments.

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The Quick Cash offer is addressed to those who need additional cash and have unused limit on their credit card. You can change your credit card limit for cash and repay it in convenient installments. The cash will be immediately transferred to the account that you choose and there are no additional documents required.

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Paylite lets you spread your Citibank Credit Card debt balance or an individual transaction made with the card into equal, monthly repayments.

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Loan and other forms of credit can help you reach nearly every financial goal. Depending on your goal – family holidays, buying a car, home renovation or property purchase, in our offer you will find the credit that will suit your needs best.

Cash Loan

An easy way to finance holidays, a new car or home renovation.

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Debt Consolidation Loan

If you have one or more loans with our bank or with other creditors, you can apply for debt consolidation loan. This means that your multiple debts will be replaced with one payment per month.

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Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loan is a long-term loan for the purchase or building of property. It is backed by the mortgage of the property that is to be purchased/ built. The bank transfers the amount of the mortgage loan in full to the bank account of the seller (e.g. developer) based on the purchase and sale contract. Currently, a 10% own contribution is required before the loan is disbursed.

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Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan is backed by your property mortgage.

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Overdraft is a form of credit up to the credit limit set up in the credit agreement. The borrower can use this credit whenever he/she needs it, which means that there are no additional requirements or procedures related to the evaluation of your creditworthiness.

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