Effective annual percentage rate

The effective annual percentage rate (EAPR) is the main information about the cost of a credit. It is the overall cost of a credit incurred by the consumer, expressed as the percentage of the overall credit amount on an annual basis. The EAPR enables the customer to easily compare the loan offers , since, in addition to interest, it also includes other costs of credit.

Annual fee

Some forms of credits are subject to an annual fee. This applies to a credit card. The annual fee may be collected from your funds, on an annual basis, after each year of your credit card agreement.

Debt collection fees

If the credit is not regularly paid or its payment is delayed, the debt collection procedure may be initiated with the purpose of obtaining payment of the outstanding amounts and implementation of a new repayment plan for the customer. You should remember that your credit history is affected by untimely payment of your credit, and you may encounter some difficulties when trying to get another credit in the future.

Other possible fees and charges

The Bank may charge some fees when e.g. the holder exceeds the credit card limit or withdraws cash from an ATM using their credit card. All fees related to bank products are described in the Banking Fees and Charges Schedule for each individual product.

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