Foreign Currencies

CitiFXPulse platform

CitiFXPulse platform

CitiFXPulse is a leading edge platform for online currency exchange. It enables Clients to make transactions on their own, on the Internet, in a simple and secure manner. The platform not only provides market intelligence prior to a transaction, but also facilitates the analysis of currency exposures after settlement.

CitiFXPulse highlights

  • Number 1 FX platform, as ranked by corporate Clients in Poland (according to "Euromoney")
  • more than 50 currency pairs (including Chinese yuan)
  • technical support provided by a dedicated team
  • over 10,000 satisfied users
  • immediate transaction settlements
  • order transactions – transactions are instructed at a rate defined by the Client in advance
  • effective management of currency exposures
  • transactions can be executed 24 hours a day
  • valuable financial analyses and FX market news

Advantages for platform users

  • automated transaction recording
  • double-click transactions – no need to wait for or download FX rates
  • all information at hand, tailored to needs and industry – the user does not have to search for information on the Internet or read general news
  • payment transactions are executed directly on the platform – no need to use two systems
  • order transactions – no need to follow FX rates as CitiFXPulse executes transactions for the user when a satisfactory, defined in advance, rate is found
  • currency orders – the user defines in advance the rate at which he wants to enter into a transaction
  • exposure management – helps keep FX flows and FX differences in order
  • live quotations – enable the user to carry out transactions at rates that are closest to market
  • quotations of the ruble, yen and yuan – a convertible currency can be selected depending on the trade partner
  • swaps and forwards – it is worth using tools that mitigate currency risk and securing trade margins