Funds transfer
You can transfer PLN funds online free of charge.
Cash withdrawal from ATM
You can withdraw cash from Citi Handlowy ATMs in Poland and Citi ATMs overseas free of charge.
Pay bills online
You can pay your bills by setting up a standing order or direct debit in Citibank Online.

Pay Lower Monthly Account Maintenance Fee:

  • You only need to maintain a monthly inflow into your account of a minimum of PLN 3,500 and your account monthly maintenance fee will be PLN 3.00
  • You can also reduce your monthly account fee to PLN 8.00 if you maintain a monthly inflow of a minimum of PLN 2,000
  • Otherwise, a monthly fee of PLN 15 shall apply


Choose the account that matches your needs

Compare our accunts and see which credit card matches your needs best

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