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Effective Interest Rate 2,31%

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Priority Accounts with Citi Handlowy

Everyday Banking For Pln 0

  • PLN 0 for personal, currency or business account maintenance.
  • PLN 0 for transactions in PLN, USD, GBP, EUR – no currency conversion charges.
  • PLN 0 Citi Handlowy fee for cash withdrawals from all ATMs worldwide.
  • PLN 0 for instant cash deposits into your bank account using Euronet ATMs.
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Priority financial management with Citi Handlowy

Citi Priority banking

Citi Priority is a bank offer designed with our active and most demanding customers in mind who look for priority service and simple, cost-effective financial solutions available globally 24/7. It’s an ideal match for those who need a bank which stays current with their expectations and fast-changing market trends.

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Global Banking

With Citi’s presence across the world, banking has now become borderless. No matter if you travel on business or holiday, if you are moving overseas or want to invest in global markets, Citi is always with you.

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Simple everyday banking solutions

Everyday banking has never been easier. With our Citi Priority account, you have access to a number of convenient and fee-free solutions to manage your money at home in Poland as well as overseas.

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Citi Priority

Bank at hand

With Citi Priority, you can manage your day-to-day banking needs. Wherever you are you receive priority customer service and can easily access a wide range of best-in-class banking products and services.

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If you have any questions or would like to become Citi Priority customer you can do it here.


Make card payments for a minimum amount of PLN 500 per month,


maintain an average monthly balance of a minimum of PLN 30,000 across all your accounts held with us (personal and savings accounts, time deposit, investment or insurance products) or credit your account with a minimum of PLN 5,000 of your salary or other inflow per month.

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