Social responsibility
The Kronenberg Foundation
The Kronenberg Foundation

Since 1996 the Kronenberg Foundation has supported its founder, Citi Handlowy, in pursuing its community mission.

Inspired by the work of Leopold Kronenberg, an outstanding financier, philanthropist and culture patron, we focus our efforts on economic education and protection of cultural heritage. Embracing new ideas, we initiate and manage volunteering projects for the employees of Citi Handlowy, promote Corporate Social Responsibility and support the growth of local communities. Throughout 15 years of our activity our programs reached over 8 million Poles.

9th March, 2017
ArtSherlock application won the Mobile Trends award

8th March, 2017
Kronenberg Foundation at Citi Handlowy - IT for SHE program partner

9th February, 2017
El¿bieta and Krzysztof Penderecki are the winners of the 18th annual Aleksander Gieysztor Award