Cookie policy


Welcome to the website of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., operating under the brand of Citi Handlowy (“Bank”). Below you will find some basic information about the cookies that may be used when you visit the Bank’s website.

Cookies are files providing the storage of information or access to information already stored in a telecommunications terminal equipment when or after you visit various websites, including the websites of the Bank.

The cookies used by the Bank do not store personal data that enable the identification of an online service user. They are used, among other things, to record the Users’ preferences, protect websites or conduct marketing campaigns. Unless you give consent to installation of the cookies, some functionalities on the Bank’s websites will be disabled (e.g. it will not be possible to submit information through certain contact forms). You can manage your cookie settings at all times via your browser, or withdraw your consent to using cookies at any time.

Information for Users:

What type of cookies do we use?

  • Persistent cookies – they are recorded on your device even after you leave the website. They allow storing and remembering your preferences, such as e.g. the user name (login) used to log in to the transaction service system. This means that this field will be pre-filled the next time you log in to the service. By accepting this type of cookies, you agree that such information may be stored on your device. To remove the user name from the login site, select the recorded name and choose “Delete user” from the menu.
  • Session cookies – they are necessary to support information exchange between the server of the Bank and the web browser and, consequently, to enable a correct display of the website and use of its functionalities. Their purpose is to enable identification of a given session (the dialogue between the browser and the server) and Users communicating with the server at the same time.
  • Other cookies (of third parties cooperating with the Bank) – they enable third-party companies to analyze such data as: number of visits, user behavior on the websites, types of browsers and electronic devices, information from pixel files or other behavioral information (such as your location). However, those are not personal data enabling the identification of the User as a client of the Bank. The purpose of collecting and processing cookies is to gather information about the profile of the Bank’s website visitors, their behaviors, preferences and interest in individual products. They enable the display of ads and marketing offers, and analysis of information on the user’s interest in displayed materials. The companies that provide analytical services for the Bank include Gemius, Facebook and Google.

How can you refuse (or withdraw) your consent to installation of cookies?

A vast majority of browsers accept cookies by default to ensure convenient usage of websites and a correct display of website content. The management of cookies may be modified using web browser settings at any time. However, for the time being, you cannot choose the types of cookies that you are willing to accept. Withdrawal of your consent to using all cookies may affect certain functionalities of the Citibank Online website, leading to a full or partial disablement of certain features, such as pre-population of login details or pre-filling of product forms. After you withdraw your consent, you will no longer see the customized offers on our websites.

If you want to change the browser setting for cookies, follow the instructions below:

The above browser types are for illustration purposes only. Due to the variety of browsers used, there can be differences in settings which prevent the installation of cookies. Information on cookies can usually be found under “Tools” or “Options” in the menu. More detailed information is usually available on the website of the owner of a given browser.