Advisory on foreign equity markets

Advisory service on foreign equity markets:

  • the knowledge based on experiences from Citigroup experts all over the world;
  • access to work paper comments from 20 key stock markets across the globe;
  • access to an innovative online platform:
    • view of the portfolio of your financial instruments, e.g. shares with their current valuation;
    • possibility to obtain an additional analysis of the recommended companies in terms of their financial results and standing;
    • possibility to perform transactions online;
  • support and service from professionals with many years of experience on the capital market.

As part of the comprehensive investment advisory service for Citigold Private Clients, we offer:

  • an investment account held by DMBH,
  • and individual broker service.

Advisory service related to investment products

Investment Advisory service will provide you access to the highest level of international financial strategies designed to help you work towards your unique wealth management goals. Your individual portfolio Strategy will be based on you financial objectives, situation on the market and your approach towards risk.

Get Private Investment Advisors with Citi Handlowy

Why is it worth to use the service?

  • access to carefully selected investment products,
  • optimisation of the potential investment yield to risk ratio thanks to the support from professionals at the Investment Advisory and Mutual Funds Bureau,
  • adjustment of the portfolio to the market situation and Client expectations,
  • making independent decisions on the basis of professional investment recommendations,
  • saving time for investment products and market analysis.

What is investment advisory service?

What is investment advisory service? On the basis of the risk appetite and investment goals, we will identify the Client’s Risk Profile and the relevant Investment Strategy.

Please remember that you can choose a safer Strategy than the one resulting from the Risk Profile. The Bureau’s Team is made up of people boasting extensive experience in investment on domestic and international capital markets, including specialists with licenses of an Investment Advisor, Securities Broker or the renowned CFA certificate.





The objective is to maintain the portfolio value over the medium term and to generate regular investment incomes above return rates typical for money market.

Income Oriented

The aim is to achieve a higher rate of return in the long term while accepting moderate or significant declines in portfolio value in the medium term. The Investor seeks to receive regular income in the first place and some capital appreciation in the second place.


The aim is to achieve a higher rate of return in the long term while accepting moderate or significant declines in portfolio value in the medium term. It is important to develop both regular income and capital appreciation continually.

Growth Oriented

The aim is to achieve a higher rate of return in the long term while accepting significant declines in portfolio value in the medium term. It is important to achieve capital appreciation over time. Regular income is permissible.

Aggressive growth

The aim is to achieve a higher rate of return in the long term while accepting significant declines in portfolio value in the medium term. It is important to achieve capital appreciation over time.

Optimal Investment Strategy Defining

Based on your Risk Profile, Recommendation Currency and the selected Strategy, we will present you with the Recommended Tactical Portfolio, which:

  • defines the optimal distribution of products into classes of assets and
  • best matches your expectations and the current market situation

Issuing investment recommendation.

The recommendation will make it possible to bring your investment products portfolio purchased through our bank to the Recommended Tactical Portfolio (using selected investment products). Investment recommendations are prepared in cooperation with the Investment Advisory and Mutual Funds Bureau.


The bank charges no fees for the investment advisory service.

Execution of the transaction (which is no longer part of the investment advisory service) will be subject to the standard transaction fees provided for investment products.

Investment advisory service related to investment products

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. (“Bank”) provides Investment Advisory service solely to customers who have entered into the agreement for this service, and solely in the scope of the products covered by the agreement (units of open-ended mutual funds, investment certificates not allowed for trading in an organized market, structured notes and Polish treasury bonds). A failure to act in compliance with the Investment Recommendation may take the customer a few steps back from the Recommended Tactical Portfolio. Acting in compliance with the Investment Recommendation does not guarantee increasing, maintaining or reducing the value of the Customer Portfolio. A high percentage of assets not covered by the investment advisory service may prevent us from bringing the customer to attain the Recommended Tactical Portfolio.

The Service shall be conditional which means that:

  • 1) the Bank is not covered by the total ban on accepting cash benefits or non-cash benefits from a third party due to Service provision. The Bank shall be authorized to collect those benefits, including a fee from issuers or providers of financial instruments covered by the Service on the terms and conditions hereof, of the Act and other laws;
  • 2) Investment Recommendations may concern both (i) solely financial instruments issued and/or provided by the entities being Bank Group (Citigroup) members and (ii) such instruments and other instruments issued and/or provided by entities other than Citigroup members.

As part of the service provided, after the investment recommendation is issued, the Bank provides the Customer with the investment recommendation document, along with the suitability report that contains reasons why the recommendation is suitable for the Customer.
Due to the Service provision, the Bank – by virtue of internal procedures and applicable laws – shall assess whether the Investment Products covered by the Service meet the needs of the Customers provided with the Service, considering the defined Target Group of Customers; further, the Bank shall ensure that the products are covered by the Service only when they are in the interest of Customers. To that end, the Bank shall identify a proper Target Group for the given Investment Products covered by the Service. The said assessment shall be made independently from the Suitability Assessment. The Bank shall draft, implement, apply and review the solutions used by it to provide the Service to ensure that Investment Products covered by the Service and the related distribution Strategy of the Bank – within the services individually provided by the Bank – are suitable for the Target Group.

Investment products and unit-linked insurance products (“Products”) are not a deposit, obligation nor are guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. or by any of Citigroup subsidiaries or affiliates, except for the investment products issued or guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. or a subsidiary or affiliate of Citigroup. For investment products, capital protection and/or an interest guarantee scheme, if applicable, is the responsibility of the issuer of a given investment product. Products offered by the Bank are not guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund (except for the receivables from deposit certificates and dual currency investments subject to obligatory monetary fund guarantee scheme according to the Act on Banking Guarantee Fund, deposit guarantee scheme and obligatory restructuring dated June 10, 2016) nor by any other government institution. Amounts receivable from an insurance agreement are secured by the Insurance Guarantee Fund in the scope referred to in the Act on obligatory insurance, Insurance Guarantee Fund and Polish Motor insurers’ Bureau dated May 22, 2003. This means that if the Insurer becomes insolvent in the cases as defined under the above Act, the Insurance Guarantee Fund shall cover in part the claims of beneficiaries under the life insurance contracts, in the amount of 50% of the claims but not more than up to the Polish zloty equivalent of EUR 30 000.00.

Products bear investment risk, including the possibility of losing invested capital. Upon taking a decision to purchase or sell an investment product, customer should take into account the existing risk which stems from taking an investment decision, and in particular the possibility of a change in prices of financial instruments covered by that decision contrary to the customer's expectations and, consequently, a possible failure of attaining the profit that was assumed by the customer. The past performance of investment products, investment portfolios and the levels of stock market indices and foreign exchange rates as well as insurance capital funds, which affect returns on investment, are no guarantee of their future profits.

When making investment decisions, one should take into account the investment portfolio diversification and consider not only the assets in the products available through Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. but also the assets in other financial institutions. Asset concentration understood as a high share of the investment product, instruments of the same type or of the same issuer or the same asset class in the investment portfolio may generate greater risk than the diversified approach to these elements, which is important for the matching of the portfolio to individual investment objectives and risk acceptance. It is recommended to discuss with us the general structure of the investment portfolio and possible diversification options.

Client shall be liable to the capital gains (including interest gains) tax. Bank collects the tax payment or advance tax payment on behalf of the client only if it has been explicitly laid down under the Polish law applicable in this respect or under the agreements on avoidance of double taxation that are binding upon Poland. Bank is an entity that is not authorized to interpret tax provisions, nor is it authorized to provide tax consultancy services within the meaning of the Tax Consultancy Act. Therefore, the above information may not be considered a tax opinion. In order to obtain accurate information on possible tax consequences, you need to approach entities that have relevant authority for opinion, or request that a relevant tax authority provide a written interpretation of the scope and the manner of the tax law application.

The Bank hereby notifies the Customer that it shall record phone calls and save electronic mailing pertaining to the Service as far as admitted by law. The Bank shall perform the foregoing even when the calls made or mailing exchanged do not lead to conclusion of transactions or placement of orders concerning the financial instruments covered by the Service by the Customer.


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