Brokerage Services

Citigold Private Client offer covers also capital market products and services, such as:

  • Success Advisory services on foreign equity markets
  • Success Domestic and foreign equity markets
  • Success Possibility of purchasing shares in over 20 stock markets in Poland and abroad
  • Success Online transaction platforms, as well as the possibility of placing phone orders

Thanks to the Bank's brokerage service of the acceptance and transfer of purchase or sale orders for securities, Citigold Private Client Customers can also receive assistance provided by a Relationship Manager directly at a Bank branch.

As part of the investment account, we offer our Customers:

Deferred Payment Date

Ability to purchase securities without covering the order — the payment is made only on transaction settlement day.

Linking the investment account with a personal account

Ability to integrate the investment account with a personal account. Funds that are necessary for the execution of orders are automatically collected from the personal account, and the cash available on the investment account after the execution of sales orders or after the payout if interest or dividend, is automatically returned to the personal account.

We ensure the assistance of a highly experienced broker who:

  • Success prepares personalised recommendations indicating particular shares of selected companies;
  • Success prepares and presents current information on the market situation;
  • Success edits a morning news bulletin in the form of text messages;
  • Success monitors the Customer’s assets in the context of market information that may affect their valuation;
  • Success carries out daily investments in accordance with the Customer’s instructions.

Unless explicitly specified in the contents of the issue prospectus, issue conditions or other information document, financial instruments offered by DMBH and Citi Handlowy are not bank deposits, are not guaranteed or secured by DMBH or Citi Handlowy or any entity from the Citi group, as well as they are not guaranteed or secured by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund or other state initiations; they also constitute no liability of these entities towards the Customer. Securities that are the subject matter of a purchase or sales Order are not guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund referred to in the Act of 14 December 1994 on the Bank Guarantee Fund (Journal of Laws of 2009, No 84, item 711, as amended). Investing funds in financial instruments involves a risk specific to individual financial instruments and investment risk. The Customer must take into account the fact that a part of or all funds invested may be lost. The historic performance of investments in financial instruments or high return rate of a given financial instrument achieved in the past does not constitute a guarantee that it will be achieved in the future. Citi Handlowy carries out brokerage activities within the scope of accepting and transferring the orders to buy or sell securities based on the authorisation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority granted by way of decision DFL/4040/18/I/11/1/2007/26 of 13 November 2007. Citi Handlowy has been entered in the register of agents of investment companies, kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and acts as an agent of the investment company — DMBH.


Our Bank Consultants are available:

Via CitiPhone telephone banking service

Via the dedicated telephone banking service "CitiPhone® Citigold Private Client", where assistance is offered for ongoing orders or possible problems at any time on the following telephone numbers: 22 692 22 00 or 800 30 30 30


At Investment Centres of Citigold Private Client and at Citigold branches across the country.

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