Loan for financing of business activities

Our loan for financing business activities is a proposal for commercial customers seeking funds for any business-related purpose. It ensures fast and easy financing of the company’s daily needs, including its working capital.

  • Loan amount of up to PLN 150,000.
  • Granted for any business-related purpose.
  • Formalities kept to a minimum, with no collaterals required.
  • A long repayment period: up to 5 years.
  • Repayment in convenient monthly installments.

Business overdraft

Overdraft in your business checking account will take the cash-flow worries out of your business. A line of credit in your account will help you make your payments on time and provide you with additional funds to deal with unexpected expenditure.

  • Stable and safe financing of your current business operations.
  • Access to additional cash always at hand.
  • Up to PLN 300,000 unsecured credit.
  • Maximum limit to PLN 3 MM.
  • Available to new businesses (operating for 1 financial year).

Working capital line of credit repaid in installments

Repaid in installment payments, the working capital loan can help you finance the ongoing business operating costs of your business and small fixed capital investments.

  • The funds are transferred directly into the account which you indicate.
  • Monthly installment payments taken from your business checking account.
  • It helps you maintain a steady cash flow.
  • It will give you the support if you are looking to refurbish your office or buy a car.
  • It is granted up to 3 years.

Fixed asset investment loan

The loan enables you to finance the long-term investments such as the purchase of property, land, machinery or transport means.

  • Financial support to grow and modernize your business.
  • Loan amount up to PLN 3 MM.

Different forms of security acceptable, including de minimis guarantee provided by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee is a commitment from a bank (the guarantor) made on request of a client (the borrower) to pay an agreed amount if the borrower defaults on the contractual obligations secured by the Bank Guarantee.

Discover the benefits

  • Reliable and convenient security of various business obligations and liabilities in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Increasing the reliability of the borrower towards its business partner thanks to a good reputation of the bank granting the guarantee.
  • The borrower can continue to use its funds that otherwise could be blocked as a guarantee or security deposit.

Loan for the self-employed

The loan for the self-employed is a convenient way to obtain financing and repay it on preferential terms.

Discover the benefits

  • Loan granted for any purpose related to your business.
  • Simple repayment – the capital and interest installment payments are taken from your checking account.
  • Available to the self-employed, including but not limited to: lawyers, dentists, doctors, accountants, sworn translators, vets.
  • Up to PLN 300,000 unsecured credit.
  • Available to new businesses (starting the 12th month following the start).