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There are as many career paths at Citi, as there are people. Everyone decides for themselves how their own career will look like, and the possibilities are limitless. It is impossible to describe all the development opportunities we offer in one smart and short document – that’s why we chose to present a few examples of success stories of our employees, who often began their adventure with Citi from development programs or entry-level positions.

We are convinced that free development is essential. In order to support it, we apply the 3E principle, thanks to which the change is effective.


70% is learning through experience, i.e. performing everyday tasks


20% is learning from others, i.e. observing and asking questions


10% is formal education, i.e. training and exploration of publications

We provide our employees with the tools and assistance necessary to develop their skills and interests. As a global organization, we provide plenty of career opportunities and encourage employees to choose the one that suits them best. That is why we do not impose career paths. Every Citi employee may apply for any position at Citi worldwide.


„I was promoted to the managerial position after 9 months. Responsibilities grew with time, starting with a team of 6 up to the Middle Office department consisting of 150 people that I manage currently.”

When I joined Citi 8 years ago at junior specialist position, just a week after graduation – never suspected my career journey here would be so exciting and full of challenges.On my second day at work it turned out that I will spend next couple of months in Dublin, migrating a new process connected with Funds Administration within Investor Services area.

This was not last abroad assignment for me – in fact, first couple of years were full of travels to different European cities where I gained expert knowledge and met many wonderful people, working on migration or new client implementation projects. After 9 months I became a manager and my managerial responsibilities grew over time – from 6 people team to 150 people strong Middle Office department which I manage now. Apart from responsibility for growing teams, there were (and still are) many exciting tasks and projects connected with innovation, reengineering or people strategy, which I volunteered to lead, participate in or coming up with my idea for new initiative to be implemented within Citi.

There is a combination of factors which enables me to grow here, get satisfaction from work I do every day, and as a result rather than first goal on the list - move through the ranks.

These are: people - excellent teams, peers and managers who are supporting me throughout the daily work and inspiring to learn from, and me trying to support people in development and growth, infinite opportunities within Citi and Service Center specifically - creating a demand for new positions and possibility for internal mobility, and last but not least – my motivation and drive to do more, challenge status quo and implement changes, set high standard for myself and for people working with and for me.

Is it easy? No. Is it rewarding? Yes, and I hope still be in the future as I definitely think Citi Service Center is the best place to be.


„The relationships that have been established as well as knowledge on wide range of products and banking processes come in handy up till this day.”

My career at Citi began during the 2010 edition of the Summer Internship Program in the area of Private Banking. I was still a student back then and didn't expect that what I planned to be a short work experience would initiate a series of interesting, professional challenges that last until this day!

After the holidays I got a place on the Analyst Program. I had the opportunity for rotation not only in 4 different departments but also in different locations, as for the last 15 months of the duration of the program I worked in Citi in London. During the 2 years of the program I had the chance to take part in many projects, meet many wise and experienced people from various business lines. The relationships I built back then and the knowledge of the many processes and products I acquired are the foundations of my work today.

Since I returned to Warsaw in 2013 I was lucky to be able to take part in one of the key projects Citi led recently, and that was creating the network of the innovative SMART branches. Smart banking in Poland won the award for the best global project in Citi of 2014, which I had the pleasure to receive from Mike Corbat, Citi CEO in February of 2015.

In the beginning of 2015 I decided to take another challenge as I began working in the Reengineering Department. As of today I am already a Head of Reengineering Department and my responsibilities include projects aiming at raising efficiency and productivity of various banking processes.

I think of Citi as of a perfect employer, offering wide possibilities for development, both when it comes to the position and the geographical location. Creative people who desire to develop in a diverse and open environment, who are flexible to changes and are able to lead the change themselves are encouraged to do so.

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