Ambassador Program

If you want to prove yourself in areas such as marketing, project management, PR or HR - we are looking just for you.

As a Citi Ambassador, you will support us in image-building activities at your university. You will be responsible for organizing events on campus with our participation or acting as an intermediary in contact with the university. We are open to your initiatives and will gladly allocate a specific budget to a project which you will be willing to organize on your own. In addition, you will take part in two events during which you will meet the rest of the Ambassadors from Poland.

You can be Citi Ambassador if you are:

  • ambitious and creative

  • approaching tasks with positive energy and proposing your own solutions

  • ready to act as an Ambassador with maximum commitment

Why is it worth to become Citi Ambassador?


    This is the job that does not prevent you from continuing your studies and allows you to fill in your CV with your first projects. You will work under the guidance of experienced professionals who will help you implement the best ideas.


    As an Ambassador you have access to a large number of training courses. By collecting tips from experienced Citi specialists and exchanging information with other Program participants, you have a chance to develop quickly in the direction of your choice.


    Perhaps this is just the beginning of our cooperation. Citi's ambassadors increase their chances of participating in other programs, such as the Summer Internship Program or Graduate Programs.

Citi Ambassador recruitment

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Universities where we are looking for absolvents


the University of Warsaw
Warsaw School of Economics
Warsaw University of Technology
Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
Kozminski University
Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Lazarski University
Vistula University

Olsztyn: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Łódź: the University of Łódź, Łódź University of Technology

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