How can we best protect our home and ourselves?

Secure your real estate with Citi Handlowy.


Obrazek przedstawia zrelaksowana kobiete w swoim domu

    What are the benefits of home and home insurance?

  • we are financially secure in the event of serious losses
  • we will receive compensation that will allow us to rebuild it, what we lost
  • we can live more comfortably, knowing that we are protected by the insurance

The insurance protects our property in the event of damage due to random events such as fire, flooding, overvoltage as a result of a lightning strike, strong winds, to protect yourself financially and take care of your comfort

Obrazek przedstawia domu i ubezpieczenia

What do you gain with insurance:

Property insurance protects you against the effects of unexpected events. Take advantage of a wide range that covers damage caused to the insured property from:

  • Fire,
  • Lightning strikes,
  • Explosions and Implosions,
  • Fall of the aircraft,
  • Motor vehicle impacts,
  • Collapsing earth,
  • Strong wind
  • A rescue operation related to the events covered by the Insurance Agreement
  • Flooding,
  • Gradu,
  • Overvoltage caused by a lightning strike,
  • Avalanches,
  • Snow and ice
  • Landslides,
  • Flood,
  • Earthquake.

In the event of damage caused by strong wind and hail, the insurance contract also covers the fall of trees, masts, cranes, chimneys, buildings and other structures, as well as their parts on the subject of insurance, provided that the direct cause of this event was strong wind or hail.

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Important Information

  • Insurance of flats and residential buildings for bank borrowers is a group insurance contract (Insurance Agreement) concluded between the Policyholder (Bank) and the Insurer, in which the Policyholder (Bank) allows the Insured to join the Agreement, and thus to be covered by insurance by the Insurer. Insurance details, i.e. the rules for the payment of benefits, limitations and exclusions of the Insurer's liability, withdrawal from insurance, submitting claims and complaints can be found in the Special Terms and Conditions for Insurance of Apartments and Residential Buildings for Bank's Borrowers, available at Citi Handlowy outlets.
  • One of the conditions for the payment of the loan is the submission of a policy to the Bank as proof of the conclusion of the real estate insurance agreement constituting the security for the Loan and the conclusion with the Bank in the form of a written agreement for the assignment of rights under the real estate insurance agreement to the Bank along with confirmation of the assignment of rights under the policy by the insurer and proof of payment of the premium for insurance. In connection with the above, the customer bears the costs of property insurance throughout the loan period. The client may insure real estate by:
    • entering into a group insurance contract concluded by the Bank and an insurance company cooperating with the Bank, or
    • concluding a real estate insurance contract with the insurer on its own, meeting the minimum conditions for the scope of insurance coverage required by the Bank.
  • The insurer may refuse to provide the benefit in the cases described in the Special Terms and Conditions for the insurance of apartments and residential buildings for bank borrowers, e.g. reconstruction, extension or renovation did not affect the occurrence or extent of the damage, flooding with water, if it occurred due to the poor condition of the roof, gutters, open or improperly secured windows, doors and roof openings or leaks in other building elements, if their protection was the responsibility of the Insured.
  • The Bank acts as the Policyholder who is a party to the group insurance agreement concluded with Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Generali S.A. for the bank's customers who voluntarily take out insurance of flats and residential buildings for the bank's borrowers. The scope of the Bank's obligations includes informing the Insured about the terms of insurance and the rules for joining the insurance, presenting and receiving from the Insured the necessary documents to join the insurance, changes in the scope of insurance (withdrawal from the Insurance Agreement), and then transferring them to the Insurer and supporting the Insured in the liquidation process. damage.
  • This material does not contain complete information and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code
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