Citi Alerts

Personalized service that gives you access to your business account or credit card updates by SMS or e-mail.

Discover the benefits

  • Notifications are sent after each update or once a day.
  • You can receive notifications regarding your account balance or history, your credit card balance, credit card balance repayment date or your credit card transactions.
  • The Citi Alerts service is available in two packages that vary in terms of the notification types and frequency. You can choose from Standard and Premium packages.

Medical package

If you activate a Medical Package to your business account, you will have access to private, professional medical care provided by LUX MED Group to you and your staff (up to 10 persons employed by the company). The package comes in 4 options that vary in terms of monthly fee and medical services – starting from PLN 28 per person.

Discover the benefits

  • Unlimited access to doctors - both general practitioners and specialists (no special referrals required);
  • Access to 70 top class medical facilities throughout Poland;
  • Doctor’s appointments scheduled by phone;
  • Doctor’s appointments can be scheduled and cancelled on the e-rezerwacja (e-appointment) platform;
  • Text message reminders of scheduled appointments;
  • Free LUX MED Assistance package which guarantees medical aid in case of sudden illness or accident;
  • Package payments by a standing order defined with the Bank;