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Digital economy is a combination of knowledge, capital and modern technologies located in a network of cooperating market players. The driving force of its development are innovations, which allow the countries to enter the path of a fast economic development. For the entire process to function smoothly it is essential to build a coherent ecosystem, which will make it possible to commercialize the knowledge, release the entrepreneurship potential and create a cooperation network of the institutional environment: universities - entrepreneurs - public and local authorities. The Foundation is an active participant in this process through its original programs and by supporting initiatives of its social partners, who set the tone for the establishment of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovativeness in Poland.

In 2011, we entered into a program cooperation in building the Entrepreneurial Poland ecosystem, and thus started supporting start-ups. In the following years, we extended our activities to include ladies wishing to start their own business and supported the establishment of women company cluster in the territory of the Warsaw agglomeration.

Our activities supporting start-ups and innovations currently reach leading key business areas across Poland. We work to instill the start-up culture among the youngest citizens, continue to organize programs supporting new companies which extend over several years, and, from the very beginning, we have partnered with the first Polish extensive survey of the start-up environment.

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