The Citi Handlowy Leopold Kronenberg Foundation

"In the nineteenth century the Kronenberg Family set highly commendable standards of community and patriotic conduct.
With its outstanding reputation in the pro bono community, the Foundation has proven a worthy follower of its patron. "

Prof. Antoni Kamiñski,
commenting on The Citi Handlowy Leopold Kronenberg Foundation
winning the honorary Pro Publico Bono Prize

Since 1996 The Citi Handlowy Leopold Kronenberg Foundation has supported its founder, Citi Handlowy, in pursuing its community mission. Inspired by the work of Leopold Kronenberg, an outstanding financier, philanthropist and culture patron, we focus our efforts on economic education and the protection of cultural heritage. Embracing new ideas, we initiate and manage volunteering projects for the employees of Citi Handlowy, promote Corporate Social Responsibility and support the growth of local communities. We have developed a number of original programs and supported worthwhile projects delivered by other organizations countrywide, with particular focus on local initiatives. Throughout 20 years of our activity our programs reached over 10 million Poles.

The Foundation achieves its goals through:

  • Supporting associations and foundations active in the fields of education and local development and effectively reforming economic and entrepreneurship education, in order to adjust it to the needs of market economy,
  • Supporting especially valuable educational initiatives in culture, with special emphasis on music and cultural heritage,
  • Creating advanced educational programs,
  • Promoting the idea of corporate volunteering,
  • Granting awards to individuals with outstanding achievements in the fields of economics and the protection of cultural heritage,
  • Activity in the third sector community, including organizations such as European Foundation Centre, Donors Forum Poland, Responsible Business Forum.

Economy is an essential sphere of life since it directly affects its quality. We are convinced that, by increasing financial awareness, an individual can acquire the skills of effective management of personal finances.

Protection of Polish cultural heritage is also a priority to the Foundation. Each year we award individuals or institutions with outstanding achievements in this field, with the prestigious Aleksander Gieysztor Award.

Under Grant Program, our oldest ongoing project, annually we support dozens of pro-bono initiatives countrywide.

Employee Volunteering Program at Citi Handlowy, the Foundation has managed for five years, has gained recognition in the volunteering community and a number of prestigious awards. The numbers alone are impressive. The 2005-2015 (August) records hold more than 1617 projects for over 200 000 beneficiaries.

Our program framework, financing formula and grant-giving procedure developed over many years of operations has the Kronenberg Foundation the reputation of one of the largest and highest-rated non-governmental organizations in Poland and an unquestionable leader among corporate foundations.