Debit Card

Convenient way to pay for your everyday purchases

Debit card

Debit card lets you pay for your purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs but also offers you a number of additional benefits. When you open a Citi Handlowy company account, you receive Mastercard® PayPass™ debit card that not only lets you pay for your purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs but also offers you a number of additional benefits.


  • you can make quick and convenient payments for your purchases at all types of merchants, including online stores,
  • you can make contactless payments and you don’t need to enter your PIN for low value transactions (the maximum amount of contactless transactions carried out without a PIN is specified by payment organizations),
  • you can withdraw cash from any ATM and you can deposit cash into your account using Citi Handlowy ATMs and Euronet cash deposit machines,
  • you can make deposits and withdrawals in EUR and USD to/from your account with Citi Handlowy using our Bank’s foreign currency ATMs,
  • you can also withdraw cash from more than 20,000 points marked with Mastercard logo – stores, restaurants, filling stations,
  • abroad you can pay in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, without currency conversion costs - just connect the card to the account in the appropriate currency,
  • discounts, rewards, surprises with Citi Specials Benefit Program,
  • Internet transactions are additionally secured by 3D Secure codes.

Mobile payments

Add your card to Apple Pay.

Convenient payments at your fingertips.

Add your card to Google Pay.

Pay for what you want, when you want.

You can deposit cash into your account quickly and easily using Citi Handlowy ATMs and Euronet Cash Deposit Machines.

  • Cash deposits with Citi Handlowy ATMs
  • Cash deposits in Euronet Cash Deposit Machines
  • Foreign currency deposits and withdrawals from Citi Handlowy ATMs


  • Microchip embedded into your debit card provides enhanced security of your transactions.
  • Thanks to a special security mechanism it is not possible to double a transaction or copy the card’s details that would allow for any unauthorized use.
  • When you are making a contactless payment, the card activates only for a split second when it receives a clear signal from the terminal and it works only within up to 5 cm from the reader. It is not possible to capture information transmitted this way.
  • You can check your transaction history using the Citibank Online electronic banking service.

Please note that you can switch off the contactless payment option on your debit card. To do this, you only need to log on to Citibank Online and fill out the form available in the ‘Contact us’ section.

Identification Card

The Identification Card allows you to access your company account:

  • in CitiPhone – the card number is necessary in the identification process;
  • in Citibank Online – provide the card number when registering for the service;
  • and also in Bank Branches – a bank employee will identify you based on the card and PIN number.

Citi Specials - unique discounts, surprises and awards.

With your card, you have access to the Citi Specials Benefits program. It is a platform where you can find in one place all the benefits that you can use when paying with your Citi card - discounts, rewards and inspiration. And there are 5 of them in the program - travel, cooking, entertainment, shopping, as well as sports and health.

Take Advantage Of Discounts

Pay with your card and enjoy discounts of up to 50% with over 300 program partners.

Discover New Tastes

Enjoy discounts and surprises in over 100 restaurants in Poland.


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