Learn about the method of transaction authentication using the Citi Mobile® mobile app - mobile authorization.

Soon, the Citi Mobile® mobile app will be required to make an online card transaction.

The previous authorization via SMS code will be disabled for some transactions and replaced with a mobile authorization using the Citi Mobile® app.

Mobile authorization
– what is it?

Mobile authorization
– what is it?

Mobile authorization is a simple and secure authorization method for:

  • online card payments, e.g. for purchases (NEW!),
  • operations in Citibank® Online,
  • transactions in the Citi Mobile® app,

using push notifications on your phone and the Citi Mobile® app. Check how to start.

How to authorize operations using mobile authorization?

How to start?

How to start?

To use mobile authorization to authenticate your online transactions, it is required:

  • to have the latest version of the Citi Mobile® app
  • and activate the Citi Mobile® Token service
  • agree to receive notifications from the Citi Mobile® app

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