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New functions

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

Citi Mobile® Snapshot is a feature that allows you to check your credit card and account balances, as well as the details of the last 15 transactions, without having to enter your password. Simply click on the Citi Mobile® icon on your telephone.

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

Fingerprint Logon

If you use a fingerprint scanner-enabled phone (see your phone settings), you can use the Fingerprint Logon service which after verifying your fingerprint will allow you to access your accounts.

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

Connecting the card to the account

With Citi Mobile®, you will quickly connect the card accompanying your account to the selected currency account and you will avoid foreign currency conversion fees when withdrawing cash from ATMs or when paying in EUR, GBP or USD.

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

Card activation

Now, you may activate your new Citibank payment card with three clicks in the Citi Mobile® application.

Citi Mobile® Snapshot

One-time transfers

With Citi Mobile®, you will make a domestic or foreign transfer (SWIFT, SEPA, Citibank Global Transfer) to a new or defined payee in a flash!

Citi Mobile® Snapshot


Free of charge notifications let you know of some of your personal or/and credit card account activities such as account credits or debits.

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How does it work?

Password recovery

Have you forgotten your password or user name? Select the option of fast recovery of these data at the login page level!

Selection of language

Select the preferred application language: Polish or English.


You have not used online banking at Citi Handlowy yet? Register directly at Citi Mobile® and gain unlimited access to your funds!


With the FotoKasa service, you will pay your bills fast using 2D codes at the partners’ co-operating with the Bank. After scanning the invoice code, the transfer details will be filled in automatically. You will only need to authorise the transaction.


Manage Citi Mobile® Snapshot and Touch ID services: gain access to selected features without having to log in to the system.

Search for rebates and branches

With Citi Mobile®, you will find the nearest ATM and Bank branch, and check the latest domestic and foreign discounts and rebates for Citibank cardholders.

My accounts

Under My accounts you will quickly check the balance and history of current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards as well as deposits and the brokerage account. By clicking on the selected account, you will gain access to the transaction history. By clicking on the selected transaction, you will gain access to the details.


Citi Mobile® allows the preview of the history and details of your deposits, and managing these (adding, breaking, changing the renewal instruction).

Comfort Instalment Payment Plan

With the application, you can divide credit card transactions of the value above PLN 500 into comfortable instalments at any time. For details see here.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Frequently asked questions
  • How do I start?
  • How to view my balance even faster?
  • How does it work?
  • How to use the app safely?
  • What are the benefits of linking my debit card to a currency account?
  • What can I do if I need extra cash?
    • How do I sign on?
    • How can I make a transfer?
    • How can I check the balance fast?
    • Download and install
    • Register and sign on for the first time
    • Get access with your fingerprint
    • Recover user id or password
    • Citi Mobile® Snapshot
    • Can I make a transfer to any account?
    • How can I make a local transfer in foreign currency (other than PLN)?
    • How can I make a foreign transfer?
    • How can I add a new beneficiary?
    • How can I check exchange rates?
    • How can I top up my mobile phone fast?
    • Can I pay a bill by scanning a QR code?
    • How can I split my transaction into installments?
    • How can I check latest transactions?
    • How can I activate my card?
    • How can I block my credit card?
    • What are Citi Mobile® notifications?
    • How do I set a secure password?
    • Do I always have to sign out?
    • What should I do in case of telephone change?
    • What should I do in case of receiving error message?
    • How can I link my card to a foreign currency account?
    • How can I easily pay abroad?
    • Cash loan
    • Transferring cash from credit card to account

How do I sign on?

You sign on Citi Mobile® app by entering your user id and password that you use for Citibank Online.

Users who have not used online banking before can register directly in Citi Mobile®. To do this, open Citi Mobile® app and select the Register option on the sign-on screen. After selecting the product for which you want to register, you will be asked to enter your card number, its expiry date and your birth date. Then create your user id and a unique password. From now on you may use Citi Mobile® app. With the credentials created you can also sign on Citibank Online on your computer. For security reasons never disclose your user id or password to anyone.

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Orders received by means of electronic communication status information submitted my application. Due to the risk of getting access to the data by a third party, please be careful when using a mobile phone or email.

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