Now you can access the ZUS Electronic Services Portal in a safe and convenient way through your Citibank Online account, without having to visit ZUS or additionally authenticate yourself. Signing on to Citibank Online, selecting e-Administration and clicking "Take me to ZUS Electronic Services Portal" is all it takes to log on to ZUS Electronic Services Portal.

More about ZUS

With the Electronic Services Portal you can settle most of your social insurance-related matters online - without having to leave your home . Those who have set up their Electronic Service Portal profile can access information in their ZUS account 24/7, electronically submit documents, all sort of letters and applications. Using the portal you can also arrange your visit to ZUS.

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How to setup a profil?

In order to be able to send and receive most of the application forms, letters and any other documents from ZUS, your electronic signature is required. The electronic signature means a qualified certificate or a trusted ePUAP profile that is free of charge

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You may submit an enquiry or complaint to either the bank or to ZUS, depending on the nature of your complaint or enquiry.

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