This type of investment offers a pre-determined interest rate in the form of interest gains paid in a selected currency. You can choose from a wide variety of government and corporate bonds. This enables you to build a portfolio adjusted to your specific needs.

For those who:

want to invest in a relatively safe type of assets and are not experienced investors
are looking for products with higher rate of return than traditional forms of saving but with lower risk that those associated with investing in shares
want to diversify their portfolio with assets bearing differentiated risk levels
are looking for simple investment solutions.


pre-determined interest rate
opportunity to obtain additional returns in case the price of bonds goes up
possibility to sell the purchased bonds in secondary market
flexibility – you can choose the investment term, currency, expected rate of return and risk tolerance that match your expectations
automatic settlement of bond purchase, sale or redemption

How does it work?

Bonds - Citi Handlowy  Investment

Treasury Bonds

Treasury bonds, i.e. Debt Securities issued by the State Treasury that is a debtor and guarantor of the Bonds’ redemption from investors and interest payout; issued once for the period of 2, 3, 4 and 10 years.

Corporate Bonds - Citi Handlowy

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds, i.e. Debt Securities issued by corporations that are obliged to pay the nominal value to the owner of the bonds within agreed time; listed on Catalyst (through DMBH Brokerage House).

Structured Notes

Structured Notes are debt securities which offer a rate of return linked to the performance of an individual market index or basket of indices. Through Structured Notes you can get access to a wide range of assets of your choice such as stock, commodities, monetary or FX markets.

Profit Payout

The payout depends on the performance of the specific Underlying Instrument to which your Structured Note is linked. The Underlying Instrument can be any index such as: individual stock price or stock basket stock exchange index or stock exchange basket, Fx rate, interest rate or commodity prices.

Potential Return

Potential return is paid out in the form of a coupon after the Note criteria have been met (the coupon amount depends on the terms of an individual product). Structured Note can generate potential coupons during the period of the investment or in the form of a one-time payment at investment maturity.

Capital Protection

Structured Notes can offer full or partial protection of the invested capital provided by the issuer on condition that the investment is held until maturity. Structured Notes can be also offered with no protection of the invested capital.


All Structured Notes are issued by reputable financial entities for the period from 1 year up to 10 years and they are available in private placement market.

Main Features of Structured Notes:

Currency: PLN, EUR, USD or GBP
Minimum Investment Amount: PLN 50,000 or other currency equivalent
Investment Period: from 1 year to 10 years, depending on subscription
Capital Protection at Maturity. Capital protection specified each time in the subscription details:
  • no capital protection or
  • 90%-99% of capital protection or
  • 100% capital protection.
Potential Coupon Calculation Formula: specified each time in the subscription details: the amount of the coupon can be fixed or it can change proportionally to the fluctuations of the selected market index.
Structured Notes offer is updated each month Depending on current market situation.
Customized exposure to the underlying asset of your choice.
Wide range of Structured Notes offers. which enables you to choose the best investment strategy in different markets.
Depending on the terms of your Note, you can earn a return on your investment even In case of no or very little change of your underlying instrument.


Upfront fee: none
Distribution fee: fee charged by the distributor, depending on the subscription terms. Distribution fee is embodied in the product.
Custody fee: custody fee is collected quarterly by Bank, unless otherwise stated, 0.05% (0.20% p.a. of market value of the Structured Notes determined on the last day of the quarter).
Early sale of notes: in case of sale of Notes prior to maturity date in the secondary market, a fee from 0% to 1% of the transaction value shall apply.

Information on fees: full information on fees, including commission fees, is provided in the documentation regarding the individual Note before the Note is purchased by the Investor, is available with your Relationship Manager in branch.

Important Information

Dual-Currency Investments are available only to Citibank Personal Account holders. The product is not available to U.S. citizens. Depending on the difference between the exchange rate and the current purchase rate of the Base Currency on the Investment Maturity Day, the return on investment delivered in the Base Currency may be lower or none. If the Exchange Rate differs from the current purchase rate of the Base Currency, the amount received in the Base Currency may be lower than the amount originally invested.

The above examples of dual currency transactions are only shown to help better understand how the investment product works and they are not an offer or solicitation of an offer in the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code. For details of the investment offer, please visit our Citigold branches. The nominal value of the Dual Currency Investment is covered by the statutory fund guarantee system Under the Bank Guarantee Fund, the Deposit Guarantee System and Forced Resolution Act of 10 June 2016.

IThe guarantee amount is the PLN equivalent of EUR 100 000 at the average rate of the National Bank of Poland as of the date on which the conditions of the guarantee are met. The above amount sets the maximum amount of claims of a deposit holder against the BFG, irrespective of the amount and a number of accounts used to maintain the funds or the amount of receivables from this specific bank. The BFG’s guarantee is not a guarantee of earning profits from the Dual Currency Investment.

Dual Currency Investments are exposed to investment risk, including the risk of loss of part of the invested capital. Before making any decision about this investment, you should learn about the main risks associated with this product that have been referred to in detail in MIFID Information Brochure.

Structured notes - additional information

Structured Notes are available to Personal Account holders who are Polish residents for tax purposes, are not U.S. citizens, Green Card holders or permanent residents of the United States . Structured Notes can be offered to a client who meets all of the below eligibility criteria:

  • has a personal account in eligible currency;
  • has sufficient knowledge about Structured Products;
  • has met the requirement of the minimum investment amount;
  • has signed the Master Agreement and read the attachments to the Master Agreement.

Investments in Structured Notes are not a deposit nor are guaranteed by the State Treasury, any other governmental institution or the Bank Guarantee Fund; they are not an obligation nor are they guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., Citibank N.A./ Citigroup Inc. or by any of Citigroup subsidiaries or affiliates (unless Citibank N.A./Citigroup Inc or Citigroup subsidiaries or affiliates are product issuers or guarantors provided that in such cases the product is not guaranteed or is not an obligation of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. ) Structured products bear investment risk, including the possibility of losing the invested capital.

The past performance are no guarantee of their future profits. The Bank does not provide investment advisory services related to Structured Notes. Bank does not provide fiscal or legal advisory services for its clients. All the information contained herein has been provided for information purposes only and it does not constitute an offer in the meaning of article 66 of the Civil Code.


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