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WARTA Active Capital

Two different variants of investing

Variant 1

dedicated to clients who want to invest their capital actively and look for flexible solutions enabling investing in funds with differentiated risk profiles. This variant ensures access to over 50 funds investing their assets directly in investment funds having their portfolios invested in diverse asset classes (bond, mixed and equity funds), from domestic and foreign markets, and from various sectors (e.g. Europe, United States, Asia, small companies, large companies). Funds are managed by leading asset management companies. An agreement may be signed by a person aged between 18 and before 80.

Variant 2

dedicated to clients who want to invest in moderate-risk funds in order to pass their wealth to a named person. This variant gives access to 6 funds managed by leading asset management companies (asset classes of potentially lower volatility, i.e. money market and bond funds). An agreement may be signed by a person aged between 18 and before 90.

Individual investment strategy

A possibility to invest in one or more funds at the same time in accordance with the planned investment time horizon and accepted risk level

Single management fee

The insurer charges the same monthly fee irrespective of the allocation and number of transfers.

Simplified process to pay income tax

Tax due in case gains on investments are realized, i.e. When the payout exceeds the total amounts paid in, is withheld and remitted by warta on behalf of the client. Tax is paid to tax authorities and deducted from the total payout (legal status as at the date of introduction of the offer - tax regulations may change in the future. Neither the bank nor warta is authorized to interpret tax regulations or to provide tax advice).

Simplified process to inherit assets in case of the insured’s death

The beneficiary indicated upon signing the agreement who is to receive the funds from the insurance policy may be changed at any time during the term of the agreement. The policyholder may indicate as beneficiary any person (or persons), also a legal person. Insurance benefits payable in case of death are excluded from inherited estate and, as a result, are exempt from inheritance and donation tax (tax regulations may change in the future. Neither the bank nor warta is authorized to interpret tax regulations or to provide tax advice).

WARTA Active Capital is a voluntary life insurance with insurance capital funds provided by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie „WARTA” S.A. for the Citi Handlowy clients.

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. acts as an insurance agent of WARTA entered into the register of insurance agents maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under number 11120807/A and is duly authorized by Warta to act as an agent. Only appropriately trained employees have been authorized by the Bank to act as agents. Bank acts as an insurance agent of several insurers.

You may check the Bank's entry into this register on the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s website ( or submitting a proper form directly with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

As part of the agency services provided to WARTA, the Bank is required, in particular, to:

  • Success perform appropriate activities aimed at signing an agreement (e.g. to present a product, explain any doubts and answer any questions of clients, collect and pass to the insurer any required documents);
  • Success insurance applications;
  • Success act as agent in the order submission process (e.g. transfer orders or beneficiary change orders);
  • Success receive complaints and reports concerning indemnifiable accidents covered by the insurance agreement.

The possibility of proposing to conclude an insurance contract referred to in this material depends on the verification of the product's compliance with the requirements and needs of the Customer in the scope of insurance coverage, based on information obtained from the Customer.

These materials do not include complete information and is not an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code. All the product details and the full list of exclusions of the insurer’s responsibility are included in the General Terms of Insurance - Individual Life Insurance with Insurance Capital Fund WARTA Active Capital available online: or, and at branches of the Bank. These materials have been prepared in accordance with the „Third Recommendation of Good Practices in the Polish Bancassurance Market for Insurance Policies with an Investment or Savings Component” approved by the Polish Bank Association and the Polish Insurance Association.

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