Register your Citi Handlowy card in a Masterpass wallet and pay only PLN 10 for a cinema ticket.

Masterpass™ is a digital wallet that will save your time during online shopping.


By using only login and password, you can make online payments much faster than before.


Transactions are made with the highest security standards.

More Enjoyable

Thanks to Masterpass you get access to many discounts and promotions.

Thanks to Masterpass, you can watch the biggest movie hits for just PLN 10.

Register the Citi Handlowy card in the Masterpass digital wallet and enjoy the magic of cinema at a great price.


The offer “Cinema ticket for PLN 10” is available at the following cinema networks: Cinema City, Helios, and Multikino.

When paying online, the price is reduced to PLN 10.

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How to use Masterpass after registration?

By assigning a Citi Handlowy card to the Masterpass digital wallet, you significantly improve your online payments.

The delivery and payment methods you prefer are pre-filled. You pay using only login and password - it's so easy.

How to use Masterpass on your phone?

Masterpass allows you to make payments faster, also on your smartphone.

Buying a ticket, a book, or paying for pizzas can be even easier than before.

All you have to do is click the button with the name Masterpass in the payment section in the online store, enter your login and password and at the end you will confirm the operation by entering the code from the received text message.

Masterpass™ Safety

Masterpass digital wallet enables you to quickly pay for your online shopping. Simply store your payment and shipping information in the digital wallet for fast and secure online checkout experience. The number of your debit/credit card, its expiry date and CVC2/CVV2 is provided only once during the Masterpass registration, which minimizes the fraud risk.

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