FX market experts

Experts are available at every branch servicing Citigold Private Client Customers, as well as by phone. They perform ongoing analyses of the FX market and of the changes in exchange rates, provide information on the macroeconomic situation or on foreign exchange. They assist Customers in launching Dual Currency Investments.

Currency solutions

Dual currency investments

Dual Currency Investments are a product in which the profit depends on the changes in the exchange rate of a selected pair of currencies — the Base Currency and the Alternative Currency. We offer this product to investors who, based on their own experience and insight into the FX market, would like to gain attractive return on investment rates through exchange in a short period of time, accepting the risk of foreign exchange

Currency exchange

  • Success Currency exchange rates updated around the clock: exchanges of a minimum of 1 USD can be performed according to constantly updated rates, according to the most up-to-date situation in the foreign exchange market.
  • Success Currency exchange under conditions preset by the Customer: the transaction is performed if, within the indicated period, the rate at the Bank reaches the level set by the Customer.

Currency Accounts

Within the framework of a personal account, free-of-charge currency accounts in EUR, USD, GBP and CHF may be opened. Customers can open a currency account on their own, at Citibank Online.

Payments abroad without currency conversion costs

In order to perform payments or to withdraw cash directly in EUR, USD or GBP, just log onto Citibank Online and link the card to the currency account you want.

Citibank Global Transfers

A free-of-charge service allowing Customers to order and receive immediate transfers performed between Citi Handlowy accounts in Poland and Citi accounts abroad.

International transfers

The possibility to transfer funds to banks around the world with the Citibank Online service, CitiPhone® or at a branch, without any commission for Citi Handlowy.

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