The most experienced financial professionals at Citi Handlowy

Superior services within Private Banking are guaranteed by a Relationship Manager in the rank of Director and support of the team of the most experienced financial professionals at Citi Handlowy.

World Elite™ Debit Mastercard®

With the most prestigious among all MasterCard cards, Clitigold Private Client gets:

  • Free travel insurance (also for their loved ones living at the same address)
  • Support in case of card lost
  • Concierge services
  • Priority Pass card - unlimited access to more than 700 partner lounges worldwide
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Prestigious privileges and partners

Citigold Private Clients get access to the Citi Specials Benefit Program that comes with a number of special privileges, products and services offered by carefully selected partners:

  • Limousine service to/from an airport within Sixt Limousine Service
  • Free five-day BMW test drive
  • Free stylist consulting services at La Mania boutique or at Vitkac Fashion House
  • Sommelier service – advisory and support in choosing wines
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Citigold Private Clients get the most competitive conditions on all Citi Handlowy products:

  • Best interest rates on Dual Currency Investments
  • Best currency exchange rates
  • Lowest interest rates on Mortgage Loans
  • Best offer on Saving Account
  • A Citigold Account for spouse or child with no operating fee for 3 years
  • Citibank World Elite MasterCard Ultime Credit card free of annual fee

Terms & Conditions

Investment and insurance products are available exclusively to the holders of bank accounts at Citi. Investment products, including investment funds, are neither a deposit nor an obligation, and they are not guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. or any of Citigroup subsidiaries or affiliates, save for the investment products issued or guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. or a Citigroup subsidiary or affiliate. In the case of investment products, the issuer of the investment product is under the duty to protect the capital and/or to guarantee interest, if applicable.

Investment products carry an investment risk, including the possibility of loss of the capital invested. When making a decision to buy or sell an investment product, the Client shall consider the risk inherent in the investment decision, in particular the possibility of changes in pricing of the financial instruments constituting the object of that decision against the Client’s expectations and the resulting failure by the Client to generate the planned profit.

The insurance contract is concluded by the Client with the insurer through the Bank. Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. performs the role of insurance agent and is registered in the register of insurance agents kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under number 11120807/A. The Client can verify information about the Bank’s entry in the register of agents by submitting an application to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Under certain conditions, the negotiability of the Fund Trust Units may be restricted or precluded. The value of the Fund Trust Units may change depending on the developments in the financial markets and changes in currency exchange rates. As a consequence, income from the investment made may increase or decrease. This means that the sum paid out at the end of the investment period may be lower than the originally invested one.

The investment products offered by the Bank are not guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund (except for the amounts due under bank securities and dual currency investments covered by the statutory cash guarantee system pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 14 December 1994 on the Bank Guarantee Fund) or any other government institutions.

The tax on capital gains (including tax on interest) is payable by the Client. The Bank shall collect, on behalf of the Client, tax dues or withholding tax only when the duty to collect such tax can be expressly derived from the applicable regulations of Polish law or from the double taxation avoidance agreements to which Poland is a party.

The Bank provides the Investment Advisory service only to the Clients who have concluded with the Bank a contract for the provision of this service. The Investment Advisory service is provided by the Bank only in respect of units or trust certificates of open-end investment funds, where the Bank provides the service of acceptance and transfer of orders to purchase or sell (excluding Regular Investment Plans and Individual Pension Account). All details contained herein are for information purpose only and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code or a solicitation for transactions.


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