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10 %

Offer details

Telepizza is an international network of pizza restaurants delivering delicious and hot pizzas to homes in almost 70 cities across Poland.

The specialty of the company is pizza – always hand-made and prepared only on fresh, natural dough.

The menu will satisfy the lovers of classic tastes and those who look for new, unusual flavors in pizza.

Telepizza is an unforgettable taste of delicious and hot pizzas to be enjoyed by customers every day and at any place. The customers of Citi Handlowy have a 10% discount for all pizzas at Telepizza!

 The offer is valid at the restaurant and in delivery (order by phone). In order to use the discount, please indicate that the payment will be proceeded with a Citi Handlowy card.

The promotion does not apply to premises in the following cities: Tuchola, Wyszków, Nakło, Szczecin, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Zielona Góra, Żyrardów, Zduńska Wola, Płock, Białystok, Kraków, and Warsaw URSUS (ul. Rakietników 52).

The discounts are available if you pay with the following cards

Citi Simplicity
Citibank World Mastercard
Citibank - BP Motokarta
Citi Priority
Citigold Private Client
BP Payback Silver
BP Payback Gold
Business Debit
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  • To take advantage of the promotion, inform the restaurant staff that you will pay with the Citi card at the very beginning - when placing the order. Promotion does not apply after issuing an invoice / bill. The promotion is valid in the restaurant and cannot be combined with other discounts.


Invite friends to a dinner – pay with your credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 7.44%)

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Locations list

TelepizzaGdańskStągiewna 6
TelepizzaGliwiceMatejki 5
TelepizzaJaworznoGrunwaldzka 204a
TelepizzaKatowiceMikołowska 56
TelepizzaKatowicePoleska 6
TelepizzaKatowiceTysiąclecia 31
TelepizzaKatowiceWarszawska 36
TelepizzaKielcePaderewskiego 34
TelepizzaKielceRadomska 18
TelepizzaKołobrzegRodziewiczówny 1
TelepizzaLegionowoReymonta 12/16
TelepizzaLegnicaTatrzańska 15
TelepizzaLublinSpółdzielczości Pracy 34
TelepizzaŁomiankiWarszawska 125
TelepizzaŁódźNarutowicza 35
TelepizzaMarkiKościuszki 36
TelepizzaMikołówPszczyńska 6
TelepizzaMysłowiceTowarowa 1
TelepizzaOlsztynBurskiego 1 (róg Wilczyńskiego)
TelepizzaOlsztynJagiellońska 52a
TelepizzaOlsztynPieniężnego 8
TelepizzaOpoleOsmańczyka 8-10/1
TelepizzaOtwockKołłątaja 61
TelepizzaPiasecznoC.H. Kaufland, Wojska Polskiego 30
TelepizzaPłockNowy Rynek 5
TelepizzaPoznańStróżyńskiego 29
TelepizzaPruszkówDziałkowa 4a
TelepizzaRadomMireckiego 14
TelepizzaRadomToruńska 1
TelepizzaRadomŻółkiewskiego 4
TelepizzaRaszynSzkolna 1c
TelepizzaRuda ŚląskaChorzowska 7
TelepizzaRybnikPocztowa 1
TelepizzaSiedlceRynkowa 22
TelepizzaSopotNiepodległości 702
TelepizzaSosnowiec1 Maja 23
TelepizzaSosnowiecAl. Wolności 2
TelepizzaTomaszów MazowieckiDzieci Polskich 18e
TelepizzaToruńRynek Nowomiejski 2
TelepizzaTychyBocheńskiego 7
TelepizzaWarsawBazyliańska 4
TelepizzaWarsawGagarina 13
TelepizzaWarsawGrochowska 12
TelepizzaWarsawKochanowskiego 23
TelepizzaWarsawLechicka 18
TelepizzaWarsawMarszałkowska 18
TelepizzaWarsawMiodowa 23
TelepizzaWarsawNugat 4
TelepizzaWarsawOdkryta 41
TelepizzaWarsawProsta 2/14
TelepizzaWarsawPrzy Agorze 11d
TelepizzaWarsawRadiowa 18
TelepizzaWarsawRadzymińska 119
TelepizzaWarsawRogalskiego 1F
TelepizzaWarsawSokołowska 9/32
TelepizzaWłocławekKilińskiego "WZORCOWNIA" 5
TelepizzaWołominWileńska 51
TelepizzaWrocławDrobnera 32
TelepizzaWrocławHorbaczewskiego 21a
TelepizzaZabrzeRoosevelta 20b
TelepizzaZduńska WolaGetta Żydowskiego 34