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Siesta Trattoria

Siesta Trattoria

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Italian cuisine is our passion… Every detail counts for us. Trattoria Siesta is an Italian restaurant, created out of a passion for the culture of family gatherings among friends with real, unique and at the same time simple flavors of Italian cuisine.

You will get a surprise when paying with a Citi card.

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  • To take advantage of the promotion, inform the restaurant staff that you will pay with the Citi card at the very beginning - when placing the order. Promotion does not apply after issuing an invoice / bill. The promotion is valid in the restaurant and cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Siesta Trattoria

ul. Śliczna 22a/5



Invite friends to a dinner – pay with your credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 7.44%)

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