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The Kathmandu restaurant was established in Szczecin out of the desire to serve authentic, good quality Indian dishes.

We believe in originality, hence the team of experienced cooks.

Our Chef has experience with working with Indian, Thai and Polish cuisine. He has worked at a number of prestigious restaurants in Delhi, and he also had an opportunity to cook for the royal family in Kuwait.

Our diverse menu includes original and traditional Indian dishes from different parts of the country. The Kathmandu restaurant and its staff invite everyone to discover the original Indian cuisine.

You will get a surprise when paying with a Citi card.

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  • To take advantage of the promotion, inform the restaurant staff that you will pay with the Citi card at the very beginning - when placing the order. Promotion does not apply after issuing an invoice / bill. The promotion is valid in the restaurant and cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • This promotion is also valid for orders with delivery.
    Inform about the payment with the Citi card when placing the order.

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Al. Wyzwolenia 11



Invite friends to a dinner – pay with your credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 7.44%)

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