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Jubiler Schubert

Jubiler Schubert

5 %

Offer details

The company’s scope of activity includes production of jewellery using precious metals and natural stones. Inform the seller that you want to take advantage of the discount by paying with the Citibank card.

The discounts are available if you pay with the following cards

Citi Simplicity
Citibank World Mastercard
Citibank - BP Motokarta
BP Payback Silver
BP Payback Gold
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You can do more! Pay for your purchases by a credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 7.44%)

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Locations list

Jubiler SchubertCH King Cross Marcelin, ul. Bukowska 156
Jubiler Schubertul. Czekoladowa 7
Jubiler SchubertCH Korona, ul. Krzywoustego 126
Jubiler SchubertCH Karolinka, ul. Wrocławska 154
Jubiler SchubertCH King Cross, ul. Spacerowa 48
Jubiler SchubertCH Morena, ul. Schuberta 102a
Jubiler SchubertCH Platan, Pl. Teatralny 10
Jubiler Schubertul. Dolnośląska 25
Jubiler SchubertCH 3 Stawy, ul. Pułaskiego 60
Jubiler SchubertPl. Dominikański 4
Jubiler SchubertCH Galeria Bursztyn, ul. Floriańska 13
Jubiler SchubertCH Janki, ul. Mszczonowska 3
Jubiler SchubertCH TESCO, ul. Górczewska 212
Jubiler SchubertCH Reduta, Al. Jerozolimskie 148
Jubiler SchubertCH Atrium Targówek, ul. Głębocka 15
Jubiler SchubertCH King Cross, ul. Jubilerska 03-sty
Jubiler SchubertCH Riviera, ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 2