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Human Res Magdalena Ruszkowska

Human Res Magdalena Ruszkowska

10 %

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Human Res helps you improve your mental well-being – you will understand what's happening to you in stressful situations and how it can be prevented; allows you to get to know yourself and others around you better and, consequently, develop efficient methods of communication and cooperation and adopt a win-win approach; allows you to raise your self-awareness. Knowledge about your behavior in different situations and the reactions you evoke will help you make a conscious decision about your future behaviors; through conducting and discussing psychometric tests based on the DISC method, a test that gives information about the examined person in natural situations, at work and under pressure. It identifies our perception of and reactions to the environment, it explains and predicts behaviors in different situations, including under the pressure of time, a deadline, a task or unforeseeable circumstances such as a pandemic. It also diagnoses the strengths and potential limitations of an examined individual, as well as communication and cooperation style. Price list A DISC test for individuals along with a discussion and a report – (30 minutes with a consultant) – regular price: PLN 225/person, price when paying with a Citi card: PLN 200/person; DISC test for an employee and boss, discussion of results with the employee and his/her manager, individual report for both (60 minutes with a consultant) – regular price: PLN 450/pair, price when paying with a Citi card: PLN 400/pair.

The discounts are available if you pay with the following cards

Citi Simplicity
Citibank World Mastercard
Citibank - BP Motokarta
Citi Priority
Citigold Private Client
BP Payback Silver
BP Payback Gold
Business Debit
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