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Galeria Niuans

Galeria Niuans

10 %

Offer details

Our stores offer the only range of globally renowned workshops in Poland. Our luxurious products include: glassware, crystalware, china, silverware and plated goods, as well as a number of interior decor accessories. Inform the seller that you want to take advantage of the discount by paying with the Citibank card.

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  • To receive a discount or a surprise, inform the restaurant staff that you will pay with the Citi card at the very beginning - when placing the order.
    The discount will not be applied after the bill / invoice is issued.
    The discount applies at restaurant and do not sum up with discounts.

The discounts are available if you pay with the following cards

Citi Simplicity
Citibank World Mastercard
Citibank - BP Motokarta
Citi Priority
BP Payback Silver
BP Payback Gold


You can do more! Pay for your purchases by a credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 7.44%)

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Locations list

Galeria NiuansCracowCH Galeria Niuans, ul. Rynek Główny 39/40
Galeria NiuansWarsawCH Panorama, ul. Witosa 31