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Concordia Taste

Concordia Taste

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The original restaurant Concordia Taste is a part of the design center Concordia Design.

Our interiors – extraordinary, over 100 years old but modern; post-industrial but friendly, meet various needs of our Guests.

The dishes served by our Chef, Adam Adamczyk, are a combination of traditional Polish and international cuisine. In the kitchen, he values simplicity, elegance, seasonal products and regional ingredients. He combines traditions with modern cooking techniques to create dishes with an astonishing flavor and aroma, served in a surprising way.

You will get a surprise when paying with a Citi card.

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  • To take advantage of the promotion, inform the restaurant staff that you will pay with the Citi card at the very beginning - when placing the order. Promotion does not apply after issuing an invoice / bill. The promotion is valid in the restaurant and cannot be combined with other discounts.

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Concordia Taste

ul. Zwierzyniecka 3



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