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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

Flexible and safe card transactions

Prepaid Cards

Flexible and safe card transactions

Prepaid Cards are MasterCard payment cards. The functionalities of Prepaid Cards in the case of making purchases at points of sale equipped with electronic POS terminals, withdrawals at ATMs, also by means of Cash Back, are similar to those of debit and credit cards.

Prepaid Card Holders are not required to have an account at Citi Handlowy. As a result, these cards are flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of various institutional and individual clients, while ensuring the same level of security which is provided by debit and credit cards. Prepaid Cards can be used both in Poland and abroad. They may be used in loyalty programs, as a payment tool to cover expenses on business trips both in Poland and abroad and as gift, promotional or scholarship cards or even as vouchers.

Types of Prepaid Cards

Loyalty Cards
  • Loyalty Cards are granted as part of loyalty programs prepared by Companies in the form of e.g. rewards and brand promotion
  • Possibility to top them up many times
  • Companies can top up cards on the basis of the points collected, as long as the card is valid
  • Possibility to limit the number of points of sale where such cards may be used
Promotional Cards
  • Offered as awards in promotions of goods and services of a given Company – can be inserted, for example, in packaging
  • No amount limits for top-ups
  • Gift Cards
  • Issued on a specific occasion, e.g. in Christmas time
  • Can be used as substitute for occasional presents
  • Possibility to limit the number of points of sale where such cards may be used
Scholarship or Benefit Cards
  • Used for distribution of amounts with respect to defined benefits
  • Reduced benefit distribution costs
  • Time savings – no need to wait in queues
  • Electronic reports with all card details
Advance Cards
  • No cash advances and limited cash servicing costs
  • Monitoring and control of ongoing employee expenses on the basis of electronic reports
Electronic Vouchers
  • Used by Companies to distribute certain amounts to their employees, e.g. as holiday bonuses
  • Depending on the incentive scheme used by a given Company, they can be topped up once or many times
  • With a spending limit

How to start cooperation

Prepaid Cards may be issued after signing the “Agreement for issuance of Prepaid Cards and for processing of operations made with the use of such Cards”.

Do you find our proposal interesting?

I have an account at Citi Handlowy
– please contact the Account Manager or Sales Advisor.

I don’t have an account at Citi Handlowy
– please contact the Corporate Card Service.

Corporate Card Service
(+48 22) 692 24 39

Calls are charged according to the operator’s tariff.

Prepaid Cards - advantages:

  • Cardholders are not required to have a bank account
  • Wide network of card accepting POSs
  • Discounts for the Prepaid Cardholders under the Citi Specials program
  • Possibility of selecting a card range: local or international
  • Eliminated logistic problems with distribution of traditional awards or vouchers
  • Fast and secure transfer of funds to recipients indicated by the Client
  • 100% transaction authorization, no possibility to exceed the card limit
  • Cashback service enabling withdrawal of cash while making purchases at stores
  • Online payments
  • Possibility to select the currency (PLN, USD, EUR) of the account used for settlements of Prepaid Card transactions
  • Possibility to design an individual appearance of the card and the welcome letter – promotion of the Company’s brand
  • More attractive awards and more satisfied participants
  • Corporate Card Services accessible by telephone and e-mail – details on Client Zone
  • Safe payments
  • Time and cost savings